2016 Goals

2016 Goals: August, September, October

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img_0135-1I can hardly believe that it is already November. I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t written a goals update in THREE months until I sat down to do this one. These last three months have flown by. We have done some traveling, quite a bit of working, and started a new Bible study.

Paying an additional $835 towards our student loan debt. Save for the trip to San Francisco, a vehicle with more room, and for fixing the bathroom. During August we put money aside for our trip and that was about it. I honestly don’t know how much. In September, we overspent, but also purchased a new carseat, traveled, and fixed the bathroom. After realizing that our budget really can’t handle saving enough for a new (used) car, we have decided that we are going to be those crazy people who just try to fit three smallish carseats in our backseat and live with it until we are actually able to buy a reliable minivan. Based on recommendations from friends we settled on a Diono Radian RXT (which was amazingly enough on sale when we bought it). Even though it is a heavy car seat, it was nice for traveling. We just need to buy one more and see if we can fit three across our back seat.

As for fixing the bathroom, we didn’t remodel it (like we really want) but we fixed the shower. We still need to keep saving to remodel the bathroom, but for now at least we can use it.

In October…well…we put very little money aside. Our budget seems to go out the window every year around this time. I don’t know why that it, but does it happen to everyone? I didn’t budget for costumes and that was our biggest expense. We also purchased hardware for the bathrooms like towel racks and patching supplies (although  we still need to get primer and paint to actually cover the patching we did…*sigh*…home ownership).

In other news, I don’t feel as bad about adjusting our focus from debt repayment to getting ready for baby. I am however discouraged that I’m not seeing our savings grow as much as I saw our debt dropping off.  I haven’t been able to pick up as much overtime because I’ve been so tired from this pregnancy and just emotionally absent in general. My default emotion is unfortunately anger instead of apathy and really no one wants to be around that.

I did make some extra money! I have been working on my Swagbucks and have been able to redeem a few gift cards (If you want to make some extra money, check out this post about using Swagbucks). Also, my Trim Healthy Mama account cashed out ($10!!) because they are changing their affiliate program and my links will no longer work. Thank you to those who supported that!

Reading daily for 20 minutes. Well, I read off and on throughout the three months. I started reading Boundaries in my small group but haven’t finished and I started The Little Paris  Bookshop. I have only partially made it through this book as well. As a family we started a Community Bible Study and that I have actually read nearly every day since we started.

Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes. I am embarrassed that I am not exercising this pregnancy. It is so hard to want to walk or do yoga at the end of my shifts and with such a sporadic schedule I can’t get into a routine.

Post an EKG a nursing related blog post each month.   Well..I posted a few things nursing related, but not much.  I was particularly pleased with my 10 Blatantly Honest Truths your Nurse won’t Tell you (but should).

Travel nursing. Really on the back burner right now. I’m just treading water and trying to decide what direction to go. If travel nursing is a possibility, then I want two years of ICU experience. I also have been toying with the idea of school instead and trying to decide if I want to be a midwife or go a different direction. I might look into becoming a doula.

Small Group. I made it to all groups except one which was at a brewery (pregnant…can’t partake) and it cost money which I don’t want to have to pick up an extra shift to cover. Terrible reasons not to socialize, but let’s face it. I’m selfish and tired.

Serve the City. *Sigh* Again…fail.

Sermon. Having started the Community Bible Study I am gratefully getting a 30 minute sermon every week. It’s on Revelation which is a hard book to understand but I am truly enjoying the lessons and community this has provided. It also has a plan for us to be in the Bible every day (I am still trying to make it a habit).

Traveling in the area. We went to San Francisco in September so we haven’t looked into traveling much in the immediate area.

Simplify our house. Nothing left our house. We didn’t downsize or sell anything. I did unsubscribe to some ridiculous emails to hopefully decrease the amount of email I get.

How are your resolutions/goals going?

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