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2016 Goals Update: April

img_0135May seems to be flying by already! I cannot believe we are 10 days in and Mother’s Day has come and gone. The end of April passed quickly due to all the cooking and teaching I did this month (more details on that to come). I feel like I can’t really remember what happened in April. I know I was stressed in the beginning and then not sleeping much in order to teach EKG material at work. If you make it to the end of this post, you’ll see the additional goal I completed!

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Paying an additional $835 towards our student loan debt. We met the goal! Yay!  We actually were able to surpass it by $663.91 and paid a total of $2248.91 (663.91+835+750). I can’t say enough about how saving this month’s paychecks to use for next month has helped us move forward on this goal. This system works by first setting up a budget so you know how much you need each month. Then you save up to cover the expenses in one month and the next month (like with a tax refund or an additional paycheck). Once you have enough saved to cover the next month, you stick to that budget like glue and each paycheck you get during the month you’re in, you put in savings (and leave it alone) until the next month. This allows us to budget with real money (and not projected money) and if we have an expense that comes up we can pick up extra shifts or sell some things to make up for the unexpected expense. I first read about this here and love this system!

Reading daily for 20 minutes. I’m still reading Through Painted Deserts. I struggled to read this every day but I did spend a good amount of time reading EKG material in order to teach on the subject. I also finished compiling a poster board reviewing the cardiovascular system. I used three textbooks in order to complete that project. The EKG project took about that many text books and material from previous EKG courses I have taken. Hopefully this month I will finish my book (and I checked out Bleeding Kansas by Sara Paretsky who lived in the same scholarship hall I did) and start another!

Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes. I ran or walked about once a week this month which is better than other months. I find it easier for me to run before I work nights than waking up at 4am to run before work. But I do really need to work on eating better. Having completed my first Bachelor’s degree in exercise science I know that diet ranks up there with exercise to maintain health. My diet pretty much mimics the typical toddler diet which is unfortunate because I don’t want my kids to miss out on all the wonderful vegetables there are out there! Maybe that will be a goal for next year…I would like it to be next month but I doubt changes will happen that quickly.

Post an EKG related blog post each month.   I must say I’m pretty happy about my post about the QT interval. I feel like this little aspect of EKGs gets looked over but it is super important and I actually did have a patient have a QRS complex fall on a T wave (this is called an R-on-T phenomenon) and they subsequently had 5 beats of V-tach. This does happen and I don’t know if most nurses know to look for it.  If you’re interested, click the link above.

Travel nursing. I asked my previous coworker more about travel nursing because it might be a way for us to easily move about the country to visit family and gain experiences at other hospitals. I’m very nervous about it but I also think it would be fun! We’ll see if this happens…it may be a very distant goal.

Small Group. This month my small group leader’s son (Eddie) battled a nasty MRSA infection ending with two hospital admissions, surgery and lots of antibiotics. The medical bills ran upwards of $15,000 so friends have started a gofundme account to help with these. If you’d like to read Eddie’s story and give, click here. We only met for small group once this month and I made it to that session! And Eddie is home and recovering well!

Serve the City. April was our month to travel, but I did have the realization that Henry volunteers twice a month with the youth group. I sometimes get frustrated that Henry has this commitment however I realized the other day it’s fantastic for our kids to see this volunteer commitment.  Hopefully I can more easily remember the amazing service this provides to the young people in our church and city.

Henry Playing Guitar and Singing
Henry playing guitar and singing

Sermon. I didn’t listen to a sermon every week nor did I open my Bible. Bluh. I hate failing at this goal. It’s my afterthought when I should be my first thought. I was able to make it to church one week. Henry now plays with a worship team band and his first time to play guitar and sing was on April 24 and I was there! It thrilled me to see Henry use his talent and actually get to attend a worship service!

Traveling in the area. Henry turned 31 this month and his birthday celebration was to visit Bush-N-Vine farm in South Carolina to get his free birthday ice cream and fresh strawberries. The boys had a blast at the farm and we even discovered a small restaurant called Patti-O Grill which served fresh, delicious food. Like they made their own potato chips and french fries. If you are visiting Clover, SC anytime soon check it out!

Simplify our house. I think Henry sold some books on amazon, but nothing else left our home. Hopefully we can start the KonMari method again and get some things moving. For the month of May I will be working night weekends which means I might be able to have a yard sale on a Saturday morning to get rid of stuff.

Additional, unexpected life skill learned: So this wasn’t on my goals list but this month I started driving our manual transmission car to work regularly. For years I have tried to learn how to drive a stick shift and have failed miserably at it. My parents tried to teach me (once they had me try to drive a giant wheat truck home…yeah, not the best vehicle to learn on) and so did my grandparents…and even my brother. First gear and I just didn’t get along. Even after Henry and I bought his car I tried to drive it a few times but he kept getting worried that I would burn out the clutch so I kind of gave up. Now that we live in North Carolina (and his car didn’t have AC and it’s only a two door), I knew I had to learn to drive his car so he could have the ease of getting the kids in and out of the four-door car along with a trunk that worked and the luxury of air conditioning. Knowing the inevitable was coming, I practiced during March and April but I was still very resistant to make the switch which was forced on me (he didn’t have to argue too much) near the third week of April. The good news is that I haven’t had any accidents and I only kill it every once in a while now. First gear and I are learning to get along better.

How are your resolutions/goals going?

2 thoughts on “2016 Goals Update: April

  1. I sure hope I can help with eating better when I get there this month. I have been working so hard on my eating and I don’t want to binge too much when I’m there. So Veggies are going to be a must. 🙂

    1. Yay! We do have some tiny tomato plants that we started and we will hopefully have basil and cilantro too. The pepper plants didn’t end up growing.

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