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2016 Goals Update: February

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February surprises me each year with a mix of freezing cold ice and snow and fantastic sunny running days. It hasn’t mattered living in Kansas, Colorado or North Carolina as to what I can look forward to. For example, on my 31st birthday {February 18th} I was able to go running in workout pants and a long sleeved shirt which was glorious. However three days before that I wore a coat and hat and small group was cancelled due to ice. A few years ago in Kansas on my brother’s birthday {February 3rd} I ran in shorts in 70 degree weather and the next week I was bundled and the wind chill was awful. The contrast in weather mimics my goal achievements this month.

Paying an additional $835 towards our student loan debt. So..this month we did a fantastic job here. We paid a little over $4,000 towards debt (actually $4217.34 to be exact). How? Well, we made all of our income in January (learn how to do this here) which included a bonus check from my employer and Henry’s last checks from his previous employer. I also picked up overtime and we have been selling things online. I have been a little less aggressive with my other online income, but I did get my referral check from Ebates (It was $125 for three referrals right before Christmas). I also found that scrubs sell pretty well on eBay and I have been selling old scrubs and other clothes there. Henry and I sorted through books and some papers this month using Marie Kondo‘s book.  We donated roughly 200 books to the library and sold about 50-75 online and and made $64. I also redeemed $25 through Swagbucks from watching videos, doing surveys and completing activities. I also finally reached $30 on Inboxdollars by participating in similar activities. One very cool perk of Swagbucks and Inboxdollars is that you can print off coupons through their websites and be reimbursed $0.10 per coupon redeemed. It’s awesome to redeem coupons for Silk yogurt and almond milk and diapers which we buy for Lawrence and Cyprian anyway. Sometimes I can stack savings using coupons and Ibotta or SavingStar. We did have some expected expenses like getting my car fixed (a little over $400) and fortunately the fix for Henry’s car was free! I’m not going to lie…it’s been very difficult to keep picking up hours at work and missing the boys, but Henry is doing a great job with them. To stay motivated to keep working and keep finding other ways to make income I listen to the His and Her Money Show podcast on repeat. One of the biggest lessons I’m learning proves the need for support from someone who has already achieved your goal. But finding your support does take work. I’ve read blogs and talked to friends and listened to the Dave Ramsey podcast as well all to stay motivated to do what’s best for our family. I was hoping that blogging would help bring in some income, but I don’t think I’m approaching it correctly. I have made a little money from my Trim Healthy Mama link but not much else. I joined Amazon Associates but have yet to have a click on a link much less a purchase.

Reading daily for 20 minutes. Well, I didn’t read every day…some of my work days were roughly 13-14 hours long so I came home and slept instead. I did manage to finish my book this month though!  I finished George Rohrbacher’s book Zen Ranching and The Farming Game which is about he and his wife (and progressively increasing family) and their desire to make it as ranchers in rural Washington. But if you’ve ever played The Farming Game you know that it is near impossible to make it through a year without some rough times.  We have all the various forms of the Weekend Farmer games which includes The Farming Game Kids. This game has been fun to play with Lawrence as he grows because the game actually has three variations to play with each successive age. I would recommend this game to any family with kids. Lawrence actually asked me to read my book to him and then asked to play the big version of the game as well. We did change some of the rules when we played the big game with him but he was able to pay attention and count the dots on the die and help us count money. Thanks, George!

Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes. Um…I’m just never going to exercise again, which scares me because I know the effects of sedentary lifestyle firsthand. But my excuse has been that after I work a 60+ hour week I tend to come home the next day and am ill. Like really ill. I was sick the week of my birthday and I was only scheduled for 40 hours that week, but had worked 60 hours the week before. I’m really sick of being sick! I think I went running twice and did a yoga video twice. I did go for about a handful of walks this month though. Bluh…I really miss running…and breathing without congestion. But I do love watching my three-year-old do yoga with me.

Post an EKG related blog post each month.  Well, I did get started on this. I wrote about my plan for the EKG project and made the initial questionnaires for work, but haven’t been diligently handing them out. Plus I am overwhelmed at work. We have had some super sick  patients at work lately and I’ve been charge nurse during the day (which is difficult and I come home feeling like a truck ran me over). I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and organize my plan or make lessons or anything. The educator did say she wanted to do a system by system review and the heart was going to be in April so I could do the majority of teaching at that time. That’s next month and I’m no where near ready! I will talk to her more to see how I can bolster her ideas and still give the staff time and resources to grow more comfortable with reading and knowing heart rhythms. Plus it’s been hard to blog about much of anything between being sick and working so much.

Travel nursing. My friend contacted me about her recruiter but I think I need to wait a little bit. I might be scared…please, more people tell me not to be afraid!

Small Group. I only managed to make it one Monday night out of the two. The second group was rescheduled for the following week because of ice and then I worked when it was rescheduled. Stink.

Serve the City. This month we traveled so we will talk about a service project for March…nothing planned yet.

Sermon. I only listened to one sermon this month. Fail. Utter fail. I prayed occasionally, but I am no where near keeping my goal. Going to try again in March.

Traveling in the area. We went to Asheville! Woo! It was for my birthday and we only stayed for the afternoon, but we ate some really great food and drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit. We ate phenomenal food at Bandido’s Latin Kitchen in West Asheville before heading up the mountain. After the drive, we visited Old Europe for cheesecake and coffee. So good. On my birthday, some friends and I met up at Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop to support a local musician and I had a Chocolate Raspberry beer. Yeah it was good and yeah it was girly. They have a huge selection of beers, though, so go check them out if you have a chance! All around, it was a very good birthday!

Simplify our house. Like I said earlier, we carted off roughly 250 books and recycled paper items we just didn’t need anymore. We’re not all the way through the paper items, but we’re getting there. We have family coming in March so we really do need to move more stuff out however our yard needs more attention right now. We have nine months of leaves piled up outside and it’s not pretty.  So we’ll see what gets done in March to prep for guests.


How are your resolutions/goals going?

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