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2016 Goals Update: July

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img_0135-1Ahhh…July. So far the hottest month of the summer and not just in North Carolina. This month has also been our busiest since we road tripped all the way to Denver and back to home. We have these cool little devices in our cars called Automatic. There is an accompanying app that you download on your phone to sync the device with your car. Then you can analyze your driving and gas mileage and it can even diagnose some problems. We bought these because it was going to cost $100 at the dealership to just tell us why our check engine light was on. These two devices were $100 and it told me that there was a misfire in my engine. We put more oil in the car (it has a small known oil leak) and the light went off. Pretty sweet! It also comes with a 20 ounce tumbler. For our trip the mile tracker was useful to help us total up how far we drove on our vacation. The total was about 3,600 miles! And amazingly enough the kids did fantastic.

Paying an additional $835 towards our student loan debt. Save for the trip to San Francisco, a vehicle with more room, and for fixing the bathroom. Our niece will be born in August and we are going to San Francisco to visit! We’re pretty excited because the lay over is in Denver so we get to see our family there again this year and head to California for Lawrence’s fourth birthday. How fun! The good news is we had enough extra last month to buy our tickets (which I bought for 30% off with a discount from Frontier Airlines) and book an AirBnb room for our time there. Yay! We just need to save a few hundred more to pay for food and such.

And…at the end of June we had a little surprise. Yeah. We are going to need a car much larger than my 2002 Chevy Prizm sedan. We will be toting around another new little one in March! We started looking in July and test drove a few different minivans. We thought we would go towards and SUV, but the sales man kinda steered us away…minivans are a little less desirable (not as cool) so they are a better deal (cheap). Sounds like us. So far we have really liked the Kia Sedona. The Mazda 5 was waaayyy too small.

If you recall our shower broke in April and we haven’t had the chance to fix it yet because we want to redo the bathroom anyway. So…we need to save for that, but I have the feeling that won’t get fixed until next summer.

Reading daily for 20 minutes. This goal tanked this month. I have been watching Fixer Upper too much.

Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes. I didn’t walk as much on our trip but once we were home I walked every day I was off.

Post an EKG a nursing related blog post each month.   I do need to do a recap of my EKG project, but for the rest of the year I will be posting a nursing related blog post.

Travel nursing. With the new baby I’m not sure what I’m even going to be doing after he/she is born. I don’t think I want to pick up and move just yet.

Small Group. The first Monday of the month was the Fourth of July so there wasn’t group (and we were out of town anyway). They did an additional the next Monday, which I missed and then I went to the next one. So I only made it to one of these.

Serve the City. *Sigh* Again…fail.

Sermon. In July I actually got to go to one church service while on vacation in Denver! Woo! I did try to read more often in the chronological Bible as well.

Traveling in the area. Really we traveled all over the place. We took a new way to Ohio this time and went through Kentucky and Tennessee instead of Virginia and West Virginia. We also went to South Carolina to buy peaches .

Simplify our house. Nothing left our house this month. We didn’t downsize or sell anything.

Even though I had to change some of my goals for the year I think we are headed a better direction. And…I’m hopefully not going to be too hard on myself when I can’t do as much over the next few months. This pregnancy I am so much more tired! All I want to do is sleep. Fingers crossed I things will actually look up around 13 weeks.

How are your resolutions/goals going?

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