2016 Goals Update: March 

img_0135-1Heading into April I feel excited by the beauty of spring. Since this is the first year we’ve lived in our house this is also the first year that we’ve seen the beauty of our flowering trees and shrubs. I didn’t know how beautiful our yard would be this time of year. The influx of silk worms makes me smile and I thoroughly enjoy listen to my oldest son exclaim, “Look! A spider caterpillar!” and “I love inch worms!” My youngest is oblivious to the worms but I bet he’ll be more interested next year.

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Paying an additional $835 towards our student loan debt. March was a higher spending month and also the first month without any of Henry’s checks from his former employer. But all in all we paid an extra $2450 towards our student loan debt ($3200 total for the month: 750 (regular payment) + 835 (goal for extra money) + 1615 (surplus)). Using the Turbo Tax app, Henry easily finished our taxes and we owed some to the state and made back some from our federal taxes. Nothing to write home about. I must admit that I was a little disappointed since we bought a house and had a baby this year. Oh well. The way to look at it is that I had most of my money in my hands to tell it where to go. Once again, we use the method of being one month ahead of our expenses so we are using real money instead of trying to make an ideal budget and hope the paychecks match what we propose. It’s easier and less stressful for me. I would suggest this method to anyone and here is where we got the idea ourselves. In other news (we won’t see this money for a long time) Henry made $0.64 on his blog this month! Woo!

Reading daily for 20 minutes. Again I didn’t read every day. I did restart a book I’ve had for a while called Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller. I read his book Blue Like Jazz and really enjoyed it. Through Painted Deserts has taken me a little longer to get into but I think I’m hooked this time.

Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes. I ran about 3 times this month. But I again was sick or couldn’t breathe due to allergies. I’ve never had allergies but the humid climate and numerous trees means I get a new experience and some nasal spray.

Post an EKG related blog post each month.   I wrote a blog post about my frustration with my lack of knowledge and disciple with this project. The unit educator asked me to review cardiovascular in April as well so my stress level and procrastination skills climbed to an all-time high near the end of the month.

Travel nursing. With all the overtime my only step forward here has been discussing which ICU I should try to get into to gain experience for travel nursing. I could start traveling now but Progressive Care experience means nothing to most hospitals. I would be a floor nurse and I’m not cut out for that. I am too slow and easily frustrated when I’m not in control which I feel could happen easily when I have 6 or more patients. So I need to look into getting ICU experience before I go anywhere.

Small Group. I only managed to make it one Monday night out of the two. The second group was rescheduled for the following week because of ice and then I worked when it was rescheduled. Stink.

Serve the City. March came and went with no active plan to volunteer. *Sigh* Is there a sad heart emoticon to put here? Oh! But wait! We did decide to donate to WFAE. Does that count? No….no, Amanda. It does not.

Sermon. Denver Pres has an app! They have an app! I love the sermons and listened to two after I discovered this. I didn’t meet my goal but I’m going to try again in April.

Traveling in the area. This month was a volunteer month so no traveling was planned. Family visited us instead.

Simplify our house. I sold six or seven items on eBay this month to help clear out clutter, but we have not actively opened the Kon-Mari book since February.

How are your resolutions/goals going?

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