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2016 Goals Update: May & June

img_0135May and June (and July currently!) flew by so quickly I really didn’t even realize I had not done a goals update in so long! Oops. Well, I’ll quickly do one now!

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Paying an additional $835 towards our student loan debt. In May we managed to pay a total of $2207.59 towards our student loan debt. That means we paid $1457.59 additional dollars, surpassing our goal of $835 extra per month. However, in June…we waaaayyyy overspent and ended up only paying our minimum of $750 with no additional debt dollars. Very disappointed that we did not follow our budget.

I did review our progress towards our goal and I realized though, that we have paid a total of $16,219.95 towards our debt. If we had continued to pay just our minimums we would only have paid $4500. Is that not awesome?! We have nearly quadrupled our debt payments in six months and have almost met the original goal of paying off $19,000 by the end of the year. We are going to meet and surpass that goal for the year by just continuing to pay our minimum balances.

Reading daily for 20 minutes. For May and June my reading was really sporadic and I did not read every day. We do read to the boys at nap time and at bed time, so when I’m home I at least get to participate there. I did read some AACN journals along with Better Homes and Gardens magazine and I purchased a new book to try and help us figure out how to take care of our yard. I bought the Carolinas Gardener’s Handbook from the Daniel Stowe Botanic Garden’s book store and I love it! It has been so useful. We actually planted a few things near the back deck after treating our soil and they are still alive!

Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes. I did fairly well with this at the beginning of May and at the end of June, but I did not do so well the week of my son’s birthday party at the end of May and early in June. I will say that I did make more of an effort to run instead of walk and that was great.

Post an EKG related blog post each month.   In May I wrote about identifying bundle branch blocks and in June I wrote about my new nursing outfits. Um…my socks have really bad telemetry readings on them.

Travel nursing. I did nothing with this goal in either month.

Small Group. During May I made it all the small group meetings, but I did miss one in June to go to a Wine and Design class with my mom.

Serve the City. So…I am just not doing well with this goal.

Sermon. During May and June I read a few passages from the chronological Bible my husband is reading. That was cool. I think I only listened to two sermons though. And my prayer life…well…pretty lacking.

Traveling in the area. These two months were just way too busy for any traveling. I worked a lot and Henry was busy with band practice and the kids. We did go to a Charlotte Knights game, though. That was fun!

Simplify our house. Well, I tried to teach Henry how to sell stuff on eBay, but nothing sold and unfortunately it is all still sitting in our house. Oh well.

July is actually going to be an incredibly busy and exciting month so stay tuned!

How are your resolutions/goals going?

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