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6 Fantastic Christmas Gifts for your Nurse Friends

img_1207The links and ads below will provide me with some extra cash this Christmas so be excited when you click the links or buy products. You’re helping out your friend! Thanks! And don’t forget to sign up for Intentional RN to continue receiving great content and ideas!

Through some degree of separation I think everyone knows a nurse and probably wonders what to get them for Christmas. And this holiday season (at least for me and any Weekender) staffing and schedules are super annoying. For nearly ALL of the major holidays this time of year, we will be at work. No one seems to remember when they rant about working on Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years or whenever that they are the only ones. No…hate to burst your bubble but healthcare workers are saving lives day and night every holiday. Please be kind to them. Holidays are stressful for everyone. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Back to the joys of gift giving!  Most of these items are probably going to be on sale for black Friday. Is that a holiday that I capitalize yet?

  • Coffee – Maybe not every nurse will enjoy this gift, but a gourmet coffee set would be highly valued by nearly all of the nurses I know. If you aren’t sure that your nurse friend likes coffee you can buy them a Starbucks gift card (or earn one for free through Swagbucks which you can sign up for and earn $5 right now…there’s one Christmas gift in the bag!) and they can choose from refreshers or teas or frappes. All good options.

  • Pen lights – I think I go through about six pen lights a year so having an ample supply is crucial. Much like regular writing pens, the lights walk off or get lost or forgotten or the battery dies, etc. You can also buy the cool stethoscope lights that attach and are less likely to get lost.

  • Cleanable Cute Jewelry – I don’t know if you have heard of KEEP but if you haven’t you should check them out! Similar to Pandora, they have charms you can buy but the design is much more sleek, cute, fun. The cool thing for nurses is that you can purchase silicone bands that can easily be cleaned. There are adorable charms for the holiday season as well!                                        I mean look at these!5999b9435b669f9a64cadac3c6ecb051351370ba 4e3e3ed8a767a5823dd96c19617a80234f91695fKA 11.18.15KA 11.18.15
  • Compression Socks – I know many nurses who have worn compression socks for quite a while but I was not convinced until this year that I should join the group. And the thing that convinced me? Someone else’s really cute compression socks. I also did a little project about the vasculature and realized just how important it actually is to have the extra help of compression socks in a career that requires you to stand in one spot for long periods of time.

  • Massages – When I decided to become a nurse I knew I would be moving and active which was really important to my career choice. My first undergraduate degree was in exercise science and so I desperately wanted an active career. Nursing definitely fits the bill as an active career, but there were some “activities” I didn’t know I was signing up for. With obesity on the rise, our patients weigh hundreds of pounds (like 300-600 pounds or more sometimes), especially in Progressive Care where they come to have their breathing troubles managed. And we have to move our patients every two hours. This is very important for preventing skin breakdown issues. Now we do have some cool beds that rotate and ceiling lifts to help, but a good majority of the time those devices can only help to a point and then we’re stuck with man-power. Needless to say, our arms, backs, legs, knees all could use a little TLC after lifting and moving these patients repeatedly.  Not to mention that time constraints, charting, phone calls, call bells, dinging alarms, etc. are all mentally stressful. If you can help give your nurse friends the gift of some work-life balance by allowing them to relax with a massage, you are helping promote goodness on earth this holiday season.

  • Books – Whether your friends read physical books or e-readers, a great book can be a great gift for your nursing friends.

Hopefully these simple ideas will help you put your money to good use this year for all those nurses in your life.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

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