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Welcome to Intentional RN! I’m Amanda and I want to thank you for taking an interest in my little blog! My hope for this blog is to inspire intentionality and hope for

  •  nurses on the brink of burn-out to know that they are important 
  • moms who are afraid of failing to know that they are the best mom for their kid-o
  • faithful women struggling to understand their worth
  • new homeowners who are unsure of what they have just gotten themselves into

Since I’m pretty new at this blogging thing you will probably get to see me fail and get frustrated but *hopefully* write about it when it becomes funny!

I found my inspiration to start a blog from a number of other bloggers while desperately trying to figure out how to make more income and pay off debt. I’ll be honest…I haven’t made much money and this blogging thing takes a whole lot of time, but I’m continuing to learn and strive to make this intentional and profitable for my family (and yours too)!

I’ve been a wife for eight years, a mom and a nurse for four years and blossoming budgeter through all of those years. I have always been a goal setter (and achiever) and I think that has helped me to inspire others in my life and I hope to give you the same experience as we get to know each other.

This year my husband and I set a goal for our family. The goal was to pay off half ($19,000) of our student loan debt this year while my husband stayed home with our two boys. So…on one income we set off on our journey and I will tell you…it hasn’t been the prettiest (you can read about it starting here). This year alone I have experience burn-out as a nurse (I didn’t think that happened until much later in a nursing career), became pregnant with our third baby boy, learned some work-life boundaries, and have been continually reminded that when my priorities are aligned (God, husband, kids, work) things go more smoothly. But making all that work to bring about goodness and restoration to our world takes intentionality. That’s what I’m learning and hope to share with you.

So…If you want to be intentional and learn and laugh along with me, come back and visit!

Make me Intentional!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh girl. I WILL read your blog. Many times I feel I want to start a log also with so much that goes in my head. But I never do. Love the title.

    Magda :))

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