Baby Weight

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I think I’m definitely a weird mom.  I was very worried about how things would change after giving birth to our second child. But the whole experience of having two boys has actually been so much more fun than I anticipated. We are much more chill with our second kid and I think that has helped me to absolutely love having two boys. Honestly, I’m having so much more fun than I thought I would and also learning that the baby does kinda stick to a schedule of his own anyway.  It feels like a good mix of give and take between us and our two boys. Daddy was gone this past weekend at a mens retreat and I have to say that I was so excited to have the boys all to myself just to play and have fun with them. I really have missed them since I started back at work. Don’t get me wrong, I also love being a nurse. I feel incredibly blessed to be enjoying motherhood and my career.  Love it. Can’t say I do either of them perfectly, but I am willing to keep trying when I do mess up. I feel like there are definitely areas as a mom where I have found that I am able to give myself grace when I feel like I have made a mistake or haven’t met my goal (like bedtime or eating enough vegetables).  There are also areas that I may have given too much grace…for example, my waistline.

My super awesome new running shoes!

I definitely ate like I was pregnant (with twins or possibly even triplets) this time.  I put on a whopping 55 pounds and it is sticking around. Not all of it is still there, but a very good majority of it is. And I have allowed myself to eat however I feel or grab whatever is closest. I mean after all I am still eating for two-ish.  But it’s not only my good eating habits that I have been lax with, I also haven’t been exercising. My husband bought me these great new running shoes (which I love) as an encouraging gift because he knows I love running and have missed it.  However, the first time I went running again, it was hard to remember why I missed it. Everything jiggled and nothing felt normal. My feet were fine, but that was about it.  Oh…and it used to be no problem for me to take a while off of running and still be able to run 2 miles easily on my first day back at it. Not this time. Oh no…somewhere around 0.25 miles I had nearly had it. Lungs burned, legs ached, and the jiggling probably burned as many calories as the actual running.  I was able to run a few times per week and managed to work my way up to 0.75 miles before giving up, but then I went back to work and haven’t really been trying too hard to fit in exercise.  I also bought a pre- and post-natal yoga video that I think I’ve done about two times since giving birth. My oldest is pretty cute to watch as he tries to do yoga along with mommy.  I should bust that DVD out more. I really do like it and feel really good afterwards.  And recently I had my blood pressure taken…I’m embarrassed to say it was in the prehypertension range!  How awful!

My mom graciously came and stayed with us for a good majority of the summer to help with the new baby and while she was here she had every intention of reading and trying the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I knew very little about it as I’ve only really seen it mentioned on Pinterest a few times. So, of course, we started right away on the plan, right?  No…we waited until the last two weeks we were together to purchase and start reading the book. I think we made it through the first 100 pages or so. I tried to make a few meals with it after she left but haven’t gotten very far since then. I do like some of the ideas they give for recipes and things we can eat to fit into the plan.  My oldest son has quite a few food allergies, so I have had to learn how to cook creatively since I have to avoid wheat, dairy and eggs (there are others, but those are the main big ones). They have some good recipes to try that I can make substitutions with to fit his needs. My mom came to visit again recently and shared her success with me since she has been more diligent about following the plan and I feel encouraged again. I’ll be dusting off the book and flipping through it for some ideas and recipes. If anyone is interested in trying the plan or using the Trim Healthy Mama products you can use my link to check it out.

Thankfully, things at work have slowed down so maybe I can actually make time for exercise and plan meals more diligently.  Fingers crossed!

What have you tried to get rid of baby weight? Any favorite THM recipes?

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