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Bathroom oasis…or something like that.

As you all know, I have been picking up extra shifts to help us pay off debt. I really want to pay off our student loan debt and then the house but that will take a few years and even though I know it’s possible to continue to work like crazy, I can’t say that I am super eager to work 60+ hours per week for a few years. However, my other desire is to make our house into a space we love. The difficulty here lies in the fact that remodeling costs money which takes away from paying off debt. Grr… I don’t particularly like this cycle.

IMG_0321…And two days ago my husband sent me this photo after he had cleaned the bathroom. Which gave me two thoughts: oh man, we need to figure out how to pay for a bathroom remodel and maybe he has finally caught on to the depth and zeal with which I myself like to clean the bathroom… I mean he did rip the the fixture out of the wall.

Anyway, we do have another shower to use (and a Jacuzzi and another tub) so we’re not at risk of being too smelly if we don’t fix it right away. Water only leaks out of it if we turn the shower on so we currently don’t have water leaking down the wall and we need to see if our home warranty covers plumbing mishaps.

My biggest wish was that I had the confidence and skill to be a DIYer. I read some blog where this couple redid their entire bathroom by themselves for under $2000. That is so close to what we could afford right now for a bathroom makeover. We currently have a stand-alone shower (with a door that molds in the caulked areas around it…gross), a Jacuzzi tub (yes it’s from the 80s when the house was built), a toilet, and a long counter with one sink. Storage in this bathroom consists of four under sink cabinets and two drawers…

Now, do we just get a plumber to fix the pipe and continue with the bathroom that I like about 50%, but then functions at 100% again or do we take this opportunity to redo the bathroom and enjoy it?

My ideas: We get rid of both the stand-alone shower and the Jacuzzi and put in a free standing clawfoot-like tub (or maybe a more modern one) with shower hardware above it, tile a good majority of the bathroom and actually put in a tall (usable) cabinet for towels, linen, and other bathroom storage. I mean neither of our bathrooms have a medicine cabinet and we store our meds on a top shelf in the kitchen. And we put in two sinks. Do we need two sinks? And a new, more efficient toilet. What is that going to cost? Can we figure out how to do this on our own? If we do decide to do this on our own, you can believe I’m going to try and make some money back ordering things (on clearance) through Ebates or Swagbucks.

The other issue: I am so indecisive when it comes to decor it’s not even funny. I have no sense of style for clothing or houses. My house consist of what you need: a place to sit, a place to sleep, a place to eat, and a place to store books. Now that doesn’t mean it’s simple or efficient or makes you feel like you’re cozy at home. Quite frankly, everything was acquired at different times in life with different priorities and none of it really matches. Plus, Henry’s style is a bit different than mine. I think the style (by that I mean the color of the paint and some of the materials) of our home is “country-ish” but I seem to be attracted to french country or super modern. How is that possible? Henry likes simple with no patterns. And to make up for that difference I’ve mostly gone towards “black-goes-with-everything, right?” style. Bluh. Oh my gosh. What a first world problem. But I do think we’ll resell the house at some point so I feel like I need to have a somewhat cohesive style for the house in order for someone else to find it buyable. And I thought I felt overwhelmed by my EKG project…

How did you and your spouse decide to redo a space? Could you renovate an area together and be real DIYers or would you have to hire someone? And how did you pick a style?

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