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February 1: Day 1

We have all been sick. Like really sick. I haven’t called in to work in about 2 years (granted last year I was gearing up to go on maternity leave and was the only one working) and I rarely feel bad enough to justify doing so. But this time, I’m toast. Not to mention Henry was out of the country this past weekend and I had the privilege of solo parenting all three boys while feeling like crap. On Sunday I finally went to Urgent Care because I couldn’t hear out of my left ear (which I still can’t) and there was shooting pain in that ear and the left side of my jaw. If mine was that bad, the boys and their sniffly noses and interrupted naps were probably worse. Sure enough, both of the younger boys have double ear infections. My oldest (who has food allergies and asthma) thankfully stayed well through all of this. I think we are all finally turning a corner but five ear infections later we could use some sunshine.

I have to say solo parenting when you are used to working full-time and relying heavily on your spouse is no joke when you’re sick. If you have a stay-at-home parent who powers through when they are sick, please, stop what you are doing and go tell them they are the most amazing human you have ever known.  And then passionately kiss them (if they’re not currently sick). If they are currently sick do something nice for them (i.e. back rub, foot rub, run them a bubble bath, or maybe just sit and listen to how they are feeling and don’t judge them but simply listen).

This week has also been an eye opener in terms of me feeling very lost. When we first moved to North Carolina I worked full-time but I was luckily on a track and worked every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday night to give my son’s daycare the stable days they needed to account for him. Plus it filled the weekend requirement at work and nights worked pretty well for us. It was also so much easier on me to work three nights in a row and then switch back to days. Right now I work an insane schedule where I never get to fully switch from nights to days and let me just tell you, I’m never fully awake and never fully asleep. It is absolute torture. My FitBit tells me I sleep like 3-4 hours at any given time day or night even if I’ve been lying in bed or on the couch for 6-10 hours. But all of this to say, in my insanity of sleep deprivation and need to pay off all of our stupid debt, I will finally get to go part-time at the end of this month! I mean, that just means that I will only work 2 instead of 3 days each week, but hey. It’s a step in a more sane direction. I realized this past weekend that I have not been nearly as concerned about teaching and educating my younger two as I was with my oldest. Not only that, but I waste waaaayy too much time on my phone. If I actually did some of the stuff that I read about on Pinterest to help teach the younger two it would be great.

But if I go part-time, what does that mean for our debt and my career? Well, the amazingly good news is we should be able to pay off all of our consumer debt right around the time I go part-time! We have worked for so long on this and I’m so excited that it is finally going to happen. That sounds so anticlimactic! One day we’ll have a student loan and the next we won’t. I can hardly wait! (Actually, I while Henry was gone I sat and stared at our bank accounts trying to figure out if we really needed to eat or could I just use all our money and pay it off…then I got hungry) We did have some car trouble in January that set us back about $750 so that stinks but we have less than $10,000 left on our student loans. And as for nursing, I plan to continue precepting (I’m always learning new things while I am teaching others…honestly, it’s my favorite way to learn) and having more time to seek online education and maybe reading those AACN magazines more closely. I hope that a more solid routine will help bring about a better work-life balance in all this. I am renewing my clinical nurse III so practicing what I preach in terms of mindfulness and living in the moment really need to be a part of my hectic life too!

My goal for this month is to write a post every single day…they say you will keep a habit if you do it for 28 days. We’ll see. Anyway, that’s good for today!

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