February 13: It’s Fat Tuesday! What Should I Give Up for Lent?

I realized two things this morning: (a) I could only sleep an extra 15 minutes while Henry got up to change diapers and get ready for work and (b) we didn’t have the ingredients for or the time to make the traditional Fat Tuesday Pancake Breakfast. Then after all that thinking I realized that I haven’t thought one bit about what I should give up for Lent. We’re not Catholic, but none the less, some years we take up sacrificing something for Lent to help remind us of our dependence on God. And then as we are reminded of the thing we gave up it spurs us on to prayer and an increased dependence on the Lord. Now this isn’t giving up bad habits but rather it’s giving up something you feel that you depend on in your daily life in order to remind yourself that your true dependence is on God.

I really truly need this right  now in this season of my life because I daily put off speaking to God and the reminder would be helpful to push me past the spiritual winter I’ve been experiencing and forward into the beginning of a vibrant spring.

Ok…so here are the three things I have come up with and I need to choose one of them.


Oh the F-word.You come in so handy so often at work to describe many infuriating situations. I would truly miss you but maybe I could come up with some equally fun words to say. Plus…this cussing has gotten me into trouble at home too. I don’t know what came over me but man did I loudly yell “Bitch” at the woman in the car that passed me on a two lane highway in double yellow zone while I was going the speed limit…with two kids in the car. Thankfully there haven’t been any repeats from me or my 2-year-old. Yes, my mouth could afford some life-give truth rather than impolite curse words.


While coffee does have a number of studied benefits for brain function we in the cardiac world don’t like it for our patients especially when they are prone to fast heart rates. And like I said yesterday, I can sometimes feel the palpitations from the stress of sleep deprivation replaced by a boat load of coffee. Yes, I would allow myself tea instead because the caffeine headache that would come with giving up coffee needs to be tampered by something. I would be puking from the migraine all day otherwise. Very viable option for something to give up that I daily rely on.

My Bathrobe

So this one may seem kind of funny, but I’m pretty sure my bathrobe is my favorite outfit. It’s not pretentious so I don’t have to wear make up or even shower and no one expects that out of me when I’m wearing it…it’s glorious. Pretty much I go between scrubs and my bathrobe with the occasional outfit change for picking up Lawrence from school and going to church. My bathrobe also allows me to feel like I haven’t started my day yet so I really don’t need to do anything. And it’s warm. I don’t like being cold, so this is the perfect item for snuggly warm goodness. I don’t need to go outside or exercise or do anything anyway, right? I mean, if I actually got dressed and ready for every day would I be able to have devotional times or exercise? Maybe.

Time Wasters on My Phone

I don’t read my Bible or pray because I often don’t have time. But I do check in on Facebook several times a day. Does God have a Facebook profile? I’ve never even checked but maybe I could check in with him there. Lol. Anyway, this would also probably give me more mental clarity to pay attention to my boys and husband instead of to the feed of others’ lives. And they would learn that people are more important than technology. Would this allow me to have more intentional relationships?

So what do you think? Any thoughts on what sounds best?

2 thoughts on “February 13: It’s Fat Tuesday! What Should I Give Up for Lent?

  1. We are so much alike, as we kinda realized in high school, that it’s almost crazy! I love reading your blog and might even incorporate it into my Lenten routine! I know, did you ever think your blog would help someone on their journey through Lent?!

    I also wanted to recommend a Lent guide for you!
    It will send you daily emails through Lent with videos, prayers, and daily suggestions on things you can do for Lent.

    Speaking of, I need to get on top of that! I’ll continue to read your blog! So until next time! 😊

    1. I know! I’ll have to check out that website. And no, definitely didn’t think my blog would ever help someone with Lent! Thank you so much for reading it!

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