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February 3: Oh Brother!

Today is my little (but not so little) brother’s 30th birthday! We didn’t get to spend the day together or even see each other since we live about 8 hours apart but we did talk on the phone for a bit. He’s having all kinds of fun with the real adult world of re-plumbing his house. Oh yeah!

As the mom of three boys I’ve learned that brothering is hard…I’m sure sistering isn’t easy either but I at least have some first hand knowledge of having a brother and raising brothers. 

First of all, someone is always going to break your toys. There were countless Barbie toys of mine that were sacrificed for my brother’s adventures. In hind sight, those Barbies needed those adventures. And around here there is endless crying because some Lego/Duplo construct or Magrific castle or ship has been demolished by a brother. My oldest, who dotes on the baby, actually got mad at him for the first time (in his short ten month existence) because he knocked down his magnet space ship. It was sad and funny and the baby had no idea what happened.

There are so many farts. Funny farts, stinky farts, SBDs…you get the picture. Thankfully for my boys, farts are usually ok with Mom as long as you say excuse me and it’s not in someone’s face. Perks of having a mom who is a nurse (we all know it’s better out than in). And If memory serves me, I remember a fart contest or two with my my own brother.

So far, my favorite part of brothering is the younger brother. I could convince my younger brother of so many things! I mean I’m still pretty advice-y (i.e. bossy) but now he is better at ignoring me when I’m too much of a big sister. Being the good sport he is, as kids he let me dress him up in all kinds of things…dresses, pillow cases (we were creative with our costumes). And he was always the funny one.

My oldest gets some of the same perks. But I have to say he’s much better at actually dressing his little brother in cool outfits than I ever was. And it’s so crazy to see how much the younger looks up to and admires the older. Us olders, we just don’t even get it. I never even had the slightest clue how much my brother thought about me or wanted to do things for me until I saw it play out with my boys. My husband is the youngest of four boys so he really knows the viewpoint of looking up to the olders. He does a great job of trying to help our oldest see and be cognizant of generosity towards his younger brothers.

I hope we can keep encouraging these brothers to love each other for who they are and help them learn to support each other. And I’m not sure we’re completely done giving them more brothers (no, not pregnant and when I am we all know it’s going to be another boy). I’m certain the best way these boys will learn to love and enjoy each other is by seeing Henry and I love and enjoy our own brothers. And with any good relationship you have to work at it. Hopefully they’ll see and understand how to love and forgive and restore their relationships by our example and God’s grace.

Thank you, Brother, for all the years of memories and Happy, Happy Birthday!

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