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February 7: Do you like a good story?

My grandma is a Yugoslavian refugee who came to the US from Germany after World War II. She has a fantastic accent. And she’s a great story teller. Growing up she would tell me bedtime stories and stories about her childhood living in a castle. Granted it wasn’t glamorous and I know it had to be scary, but she made it sound magical. And these stories were comforting and special. I wish I could tell stories like she does. But since I can’t I’m always on the lookout for a great story.


I’ve heard it said that the art of storytelling is dying. And I think that’s true to some extent considering that we use emojis to express our emotions instead of spoken word. And, yes, I’m writing this instead of speaking it which is storytelling in written word but it’s not the same as a good old fashioned campfire tale.

But there is one place you can find good stories. Wait. Not just good stories, but great stories. It’s called The Moth. And yes I’m a nerd because I heard The Moth for the first time on NPR one Friday night driving home. Aahh…the thrilling life I lead. The first story I ever heard was about a woman who lived in a haunted apartment in Paris. It was amazing and I was hooked! These stories make me laugh and cry and wish I were a good storyteller, but most of all they are encouraging and inspiring.

They give me a different perspective and oddly enough give me hope and show me that we are all people with a story. A unique, inspiring story. And even if we don’t think anyone is willing to listen, we just haven’t found our audience yet.  These stories teach me about compassion for humanity and the need for us to learn to listen to the good stories that those around us have to tell.

If you have a chance, head over to The Moth and listen to a few stories.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. The Ghost of Rue Jacob
2. Carry Him Shoulder High
3. Go the F*ck to Sleep
4. The Curse
5. I Don’t Do Sexy

I could keep listing them out because there are so many fantastic stories! Hopefully you will be inspired to tell your story.

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