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February 8: What was I thinking

I worked a day shift today. I was very surprised that when the alarm went off at 5am I was not nearly as tired as I expected. However, both older boys were somehow already awake with the light on in their room. My oldest is an early riser. I used to think he was a great sleeper but, man, was I ever wrong. We’ve tried teaching him what the clock should look like when he can get out of bed, we bought one of those clocks that lights up when it’s ok for him to get up, we’ve told him not to get up until we get him. None of it works. And then he wakes up his middle brother (who does like to sleep) and they are crazy all day. Anyway, as the morning progressed and the older just kept getting up Henry put him in our bed and then I woke surprised him by flipping on the light to get dressed. *Sigh* He does sleep more than me but just barely.

Anyway, I was almost late to work because I had to pump in the car once I parked in the garage. I stopped pumping at night about a month ago and am out of practice and I’m really disheartened that I made a total of 12.5 ounces for the whole day. That’s pathetic. I used to make 15-20 for both of my older boys up until the end. Oh well. He will survive and grow and be breast fed for a year just like the others.

I am thankful, thankful that the charge nurse from night shift gave me a manageable assignment for my first day shift in over a year. I never oriented to days when I transfer to my new unit so I feel very inadequate. But let’s be honest, I also feel inadequate on night shift because I didn’t get much practice with devices or even some of the drugs I would be titrating. But I could also be doing better to educate myself about them too. I am working on that by watching more MedEd videos and delving into my CCRN book more. I really need to take that test, but I also need to know what the flip I’m doing.

My patients were great and I transferred one only to get another at about 5:45 who I got settled but not much else. I didn’t even get report from the other floor the patient was on. I hate when I leave feeling like I really missed something, but that has been pretty consistent here lately. I really don’t know if more sleep would help or just better time management. I don’t know if I forget things more than other nurses or I just don’t fully understand everything so I miss so much. For being a nurse for 5 years I am not sure if I feel too often that I don’t understand fully what I am missing. I will get it eventually, but it just takes me longer.

I’m working day shift on Saturday again so we’ll see how that goes too!

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