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How to Earn a Free $25 Starbucks Gift Card every Month

So I just fell in LOVE with the new Chile mocha at Starbucks. While everyone else will probably be running to get the PSL I’ll be working on getting my drinks for free! By clinking on the links below and signing up you help me earn gift cards. Click here for full disclosure. ** Today only you will earn Double Swagbucks for watching videos! Start earning your own free gift cards!**
With our tight budget I frequently limit how much we spend on treats like coffee and such. But when you limit yourself for a long time you can get very frustrated and eventually way overspend. So to help with the desire for monthly Starbucks trips I figured out a way to earn gift cards online in just a few minutes per day.

A little over one year ago I signed up for Swagbucks (and was able to convince a few friends to join too) and so far I have earned $137 in that year. Now I know over the course of a year that’s about $10 per month and I could have made more but it took me a little time to learn how to efficiently use the website and app.

So how can you put in very little effort and earn coffee money? Here’s the simple breakdown:

Swagbucks offers a nice deal and the first $25 gift card you buy each month is discounted to $22 (or 2200 Swagbucks) so that right there makes it easier to earn your card. Not only do they give you a $3 discount, but every day users have a daily goal they can achieve for a bonus. The typical goal is around 30 Swagbucks and for that you get 3 bonus Swagbucks. If you meet your daily goal there is an additional goal to meet ranging from 80-120 Swagbucks for an 8-9 Swagbuck bonus. Users can earn even more money through achieving weekly bonuses as well. For meeting your goal 7 days in-a-row you can earn 25 Swagbuck ($0.25), 14 days equals 100 Swagbucks ($1), 21 days equals 200 Swagbucks ($2), and 30 days equals 300 Swagbucks ($3). Free money means less work for you!

Alright, so let’s see how much work you have to do each day to get your gift card.

Your first month you’ll have to earn the whole 2200 Swagbucks because the bonuses won’t show up in your account until the next month. So you’ll need to earn 73 Swagbucks per day ($0.73) and I’ll tell you how once we break down the amount to earn the second and following months .

If you meet your daily goal:

  • for the whole month (30 days), you need to earn 60 Swagbucks per day ($0.60)
  • 21 days in-a-row you need to earn 64 Swagbucks ($0.64)
  • 14 days in-a-row you need to earn 67 Swagbucks ($0.67)
  • 7 days in-a-row you need to earn 70 Swagbucks ($0.70)

Now how can you do this easily?

First, sign up for Swagbucks and for this month (September) you (and I) will both earn 300 Swagbucks($3). You’ll get the bonus in October, but that means you have to earn less per day next month. Then download the Swagbucks and SBTV apps on your phone. Now you’re ready to get started.

Each day you will want to log in to Swagbucks on a desktop to find out your daily goal amount. Then start earning your easy money. 

10 Swagbucks = about one hour of your phone playing movie trailers (or news or fashion or whatever videos you choose). The way it works is for every 6 videos you earn 2 Swagbucks. It’s like finding a dime after an hour of shopping. And the nice thing is usually you don’t even have to be there to watch them. You can turn the app on and leave it while you are in the shower or reading a book or charging your phone. ***Warning*** Sometimes there is an advertisement that the phone gets stuck on so just check your phone every once in a while. Once you hit the 10 Swagbucks “limit” for the day you can quit or keep letting your videos run to earn more Swagbucks. The number of videos that need to play increases as you continue to earn, but if that’s what you have time for that day, earn as much as you can that way.

Now if you’re at the end of the day or day off you can go log in to Swagbucks and finish earning the 50-60 Swagbucks per day.

60-100 Swagbucks = Surveys. Your biggest earning potential are the surveys. Generally the surveys take 5-30 minutes and you can earn 60-100 Swagbucks. Sometimes you don’t qualify for the first survey (or first few surveys) and have to cycle through which can get frustrating so luckily there are other things to do to earn your bucks.

8-9 Swagbucks = Daily To Do. On the website there’s a daily list of seven activities to complete. If you complete 6 of the 7 (you get 1 Swagbuck per activity) you earn an additional 2 Swagbucks.

1-2 Swagbucks = Inbox videos and quizzes. Each day your Swagbucks Inbox receives messages with opportunities for more point earning. You can watch videos in the inbox (1 Swagbuck) and also complete health quizzes (2 Swagbucks).

Of course you’ll want to be careful with your information and don’t sign up for everything just to earn points. I rarely if ever enter my email address or personal information unless it is a deal I really want (like Netflix or Groupon or something like that).

Similar to Ebates you can shop (either online or on the app) and earn Swagbucks. You can watch videos or complete other activities using Discover or Watch to keep earning. Also, (fairly infrequently) you can use the Search function to earn Swagbucks. And if you sign up for notifications, Swagbucks will text you when there is the opportunity to earn Swagbucks through Swagcodes that you enter either in your app or online. Usually, it’s about 2-3 Swagbucks per code which are only good for a few hours and some days there are multiple codes, making your job easier.

If it’s too much work to earn 60-70 Swagbucks per day, you can try for smaller denominations of Starbucks gift cards.

  • $15 gift card = 50 Swagbucks per day
  • $10 gift card = 33 Swagbucks per day

**Word of Advice** If you want something besides a Starbucks card the Visa gift cards have been difficult for me to use because they send a code and you have to sign into another website to redeem the code. While you can print the e-cards for Starbucks and Panera and use them like cash, most places don’t take the Visa gift card print-outs.

Hopefully, this breakdown will make earning free money each month easy!

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