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How your Smart Phone Apps can Make YOU Cash

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Until the rose gold iPhone entered the smart phone scene, I didn’t really care about which phone I used. It’s been my husband’s job to care. I had a Moto X (which I loved!), but sadly the screen was shattered in a beautiful weblike pattern and I was going to continue to use it because I loved it so much and the glass actually looked cool. But the camera stopped functioning a week after the break and I needed a new phone. I had a sub phone for about 2 months and I was getting used to it, but then the beautiful, pink rose gold iPhone was introduced.  My husband and I had chosen rose gold wedding rings before rose gold was all the rage…we’ll say I’m a fan.  I’ve never really been much of a tech person and I usually want the phone that will keep our bill low but work how I want, but I actually watched the 3D touch videos and made it known to Henry that I thought the iPhone was definitely the phone for me. He caved. He’s a big android fan and knows I’m more suited to be an Apple user so he worked his magic with our cell phone company and brought me home a rose gold iPhone for about an extra $4 per month. And since I’ve had this new iPhone it has been my quest to use it to make money using it instead of just pay money for it.

I’ve been fairly successful in my pursuit of learning to make money with my phone so I thought I’d share.

  • I initially started with the Wal-Mart app on my phone. My realtor actually recommended getting the app and using the Savings Catcher feature. Each time you go to Wal-Mart there’s a QR code on the bottom of the receipt that you scan into the app. Once scanned in, Wal-Mart looks at competitors to see if anyone had the products you purchased for a cheaper price. If they find a competitor selling a product cheaper, Wal-Mart gives you the difference and you can redeem that for a gift card! Pretty sweet! Right now I have a little over $5 waiting to be redeemed. That may not sound like a whole lot, but I only do roughly 25% of my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. If you shop there more frequently, you will probably save more.
  • I also downloaded the Target app which I haven’t explored as much, but I use both the Wal-Mart and Target apps in connection with Ebates. If I notice I’m running low on a product I will open one of the apps and add the product I need to my cart. This essentially becomes my running list for household cleaning and supplies. For example, earlier this week we were running low on paper towels so I added those to my Target cart. The next day I realized I would soon need breast milk storage bags so I added those and then sterilization bags and checked the diapers to find I needed those too. All added to the list. Usually I will spend at least $50 when I go to Wal-Mart or Target (plus when you’re there you are often tempted to pick up a few “extra” things) and these two companies usually offer free shipping for orders of at least $50. Easy. Shopping online helps me focus on what we actually need and I save money. I also must say that it is awesome when your shipped order arrives at your door. My kids love it and it kinda feels like Christmas.
  • Now, I do like to get on a desktop to complete the order because I can open up Chrome (which has the Swagbucks SwagButton and the Ebates button and they easily tell me my cash back percentage on a particular website), activate my cash back, and complete my order. However, you can complete the whole transaction using your phone as well. The really nice thing about Ebates is that when you sign up you immediately get a $10 gift card to a store of your choice (either Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s or Macy’s) and they very generously give me $5 as well.

But we’re not done there…

  • I like to see if there are any items I can pick up in store instead of ship because then I can get items I need quickly and use my Shopkick app to get kicks when I visit a store or when I scan certain products. What I really like about the Shopkick app is that I can scan products at Aldi where I do most of my grocery shopping. And Aldi has an app as well! You can check the weekly specials and make your grocery list there (once again, saving you money).
  • Before I head over to Wal-Mart or Target, I generally know there are a few grocery items I will need to pick up as well. That’s when I open my Ibotta app and my SavingStar app to see if there are any rebates I can snag on the trip.  If I have time, I will also look for coupons through Swagbucks or InboxDollars. I don’t usually spend much time looking for coupons because I do shop at Aldi quite often but I did get lucky one month and managed to find coupons for my son’s specialty butter and gluten free, vegan bread. Always a huge plus when I can find coupons to fit the foods we buy for his allergies. Also, right now both Ibotta and SavingStar are offering rebates for a company called Enjoy Life which has the chocolate he can eat.
  • Finally, once I get home and complete the rebates on the apps I just mentioned, I open Receipt Hog (Referral code snect105), take pictures of all my receipts and complete my money making for the day.

Also, when I am not actively using my phone, I turn on the Swagbucks app and let videos continually play to earn cash. You can also do quizes and complete offers which all help increase your daily cash. Each day you have a new goal to meet for bonus cash but you do have to sign in to Swagbucks on a desktop to see the goal. Last month I hit my goal every day and made a little over $6 dollars extra (but I made about $30 meeting my daily goals). I also like their group challenges where you are put on a team and compete to get the most swagbucks.

You can also use the InboxDollars app to complete quizes, check daily PaidEmails, use the search function to earn cash and sweeps, and many other things. Recently I discovered the WinIt link and have found the codes for this function on Instagram and Facebook.

These are just a few ways that you can use your phone every day to make you money!

Are there any apps that you really like using to earn extra cash?

2 thoughts on “How your Smart Phone Apps can Make YOU Cash

  1. Aren’t you on your phone a lot doing all of this? How much time do you think you spend organizing all these apps in a day? Do you have to shop everyday in order to get $$ back. You know there are not that many stores around here. The only time I can even use my ibotta is when I’m in Hays, Colby or CO. 🙁

    1. Using the Wal-Mart app as your list might actually be great for you in a rural area. Since it is quite a bit of driving to get to those towns you may save yourself gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle if you shop online and have them deliver it to you. Even if you must purchase groceries Wal-Mart offers in-store pick up for items. So you can use the online ordering (get money from Ebates or Swagbucks), let them do some of your shopping and pick it up when you get there! Saves you some time at least. Does that help?

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