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My New Garb

A girl (and her family) needs her clothes and shoes and we all know the good ones will cost us. The affiliate links below will help keep us outfitted. For full disclosure, look here. Thanks for the support! If you would like to start your own blog to make money, check out Bluehost.

It is a rare occasion that I actually buy clothes for myself. My friends generously offer to let me raid their closets when they are ready to donate old clothes or buy new ones. And with scrubs I waiver back and forth between whether it’s worth it to buy brand new scrubs that will inevitably get some gross bodily fluid on it or should I just go to Goodwill and buy gently used scrubs to get dirty. But then enters the thought that this is my profession and nice scrubs make me look more professional. In any other career I would buy new nice clothes…I think. Anyway. I gave in and the side of me that wanted brand new scrubs won.

Recently, between work and family time has been limited and driving to a store was out of the question. Last time I bought scrubs (except at Wal-mart) I remember receiving a employee discount, but I couldn’t remember where that was. Instead I used Ebates to get cash back on my online purchases, but I should have compared it with TopCashBack because they are offering more cash back at scrubsandbeyond.com right now! I also didn’t realize at the time but Ebates is allowing you to link a credit card and earn cash back in store! Previously I purchased a Koi Sara Pant and top which are very soft and comfy, but they wore out in between my thighs…let’s be real. Not everyone has an inner thigh gap. My coworker recommended Urbane scrubs so I thought I would try those as well and ordered two different styles.  One was the Urbane women’s knit waistband pant which had a loose elastic band around the top and I didn’t really like them so I returned them. The other Urbane style was the Bailey cargo pant. These are soft and comfortable, but I do have a little issue with them sliding down during the day. Typically I keep too much in my pockets so that might be the problem! The other type I ordered were the Dickies signature stretch mid-rise moderate flare. I was nervous about these since there isn’t a drawstring, but they actually fit great and move nicely without sliding down all day. I also ordered a number of scrub tops but I returned all but one.  Since most of the tops fit weirdly I decided to head to a Scrubs & Beyond to return them and try some on. When I went I actually ended up purchasing a Grey’s Anatomy scrub top (similar to this one) and two bottoms (similar to these) and am loving them as well. This year I am on the Teammate Engagement Survey committee and I found the perfect top! IMG_0616

Of course my undershirts were worn out as well so I ordered new ones from Amazon. My favorite are the black and the pink ones. These are soft and look great!

Not only did I get new scrubs but I also needed (absolutely needed) new shoes. This is almost embarrassing to admit, but I had the same pair of shoes (don’t worry, I washed them) for roughly a decade. My shoes were so worn out that the soles split and I could talk to people with my shoes (like a puppet). But they lasted for nearly a decade!  How awesome is that! They are MBTs which have these really thick soles and kind of look like orthopedic shoes. The new ones that I just got have been redesigned and actually look really cute! These shoes are cool because the company did research on the Masai tribe in Africa and designed shoes based on barefoot technology. My mom bought me my original shoes as a graduation gift but it was time for a new pair. I again used Ebates to purchase my shoes from Footwearetc.com (but I just looked at TopCashBack and they are offering more cash back again!). These are the ones I purchased.  The first day I put them on and my back was so grateful. I realized that even though my back was fine with the others it felt so much better with the new ones! I actually really love these shoes because my feet NEVER hurt and my back always feels great…even through two pregnancies.

The last items I knew I needed were compression stockings. After doing research for my EKG project and discovering a few varicose veins of my own, I decided to purchase these. Not only that but these went right along with my EKG project! To go along with these I bought two other different pairs. If you are considering compression socks, just be aware that they recommend hand washing to make the elastic last.

What products have you tried recently that you are loving?


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