Studying for the PCCN

Plan to Pass – Update #1

Starting back at work has been difficult, good, exciting and crazy. My first night back I learned I would be orienting to charge nurse…starting that night. Then the following week I would be on my own as charge. Well, lucky for me, I had the best teams of nurses I could ask for on the nights I was charge. The good news: EVERYONE SURVIVED! However, I did not get to study at work to catch up on my study schedule. I did finally schedule the test and will be taking it near the end of my approved timeframe.

Looking back at the list of goals, let’s see how I’m doing.

  1. Take the test by September 8.
  2. Write out a study plan.
  3. Ensure that everyone gets fed.
  4. Write what I’m learning for my blog as if I’m teaching to help me remember it.


  1. I have scheduled the test but have not yet taken it.
  2. Even though I wrote out my original plan, I am way, way off schedule. I am days behind and I am glad I have an additional week or so to review.
  3. We have had normal meals thanks to my wonderful husband, care takers and myself on days off. My husband gets credit for always doing breakfast. Working nights and still having to feed baby at least once at night when I’m home means I need those few extra hours in the morning to sleep. So very thankful.
  4. Like I said, I am days behind in studying, so that also means I haven’t been writing things out as much. My ramblings and studying material will be coming soon!

One of the very good things about getting back to work and immediately starting charge is that I get to know about the variety of patients on the floor and have a better chance of learning and thinking about the various diagnoses and treatments for these patients. I am reviewing for my test with every patient. I’m a little neurotic about it too. Someone asked me if I could tell if something was a right or left bundle branch block and I think I spent an hour trying to trace the electrical conduction through the heart with both a left and right block to give the best logical answer. I still don’t know if I’m right. I just have to keep at it!

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