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Should I reschedule?

Rescheduling the PCCN certification test has been on my mind for a while but the last three days my lack of preparation has made the idea seem much more enticing. Plus the email said for $100 I could just reschedule…that’s cheaper than failing and having to retest ($135 for AACN members). Considering that I have not been sleeping very well and studying has been slow, rescheduling would be a fantastic idea. And I realized earlier last week that I completely lost the notes to one whole section of the test. Renal. Who knows where I left those. I didn’t even remember the lecture when I started to revisit the new packet I received. That’s awful! So let’s see just how I have done.

  1. Take the test by September 8.
  2. Write out a study plan.
  3. Ensure that everyone gets fed.
  4. Write what I’m learning for my blog as if I’m teaching to help me remember it.


  1. Seriously considering rescheduling the test.
  2. Well, that kind of worked…until I realized I forgot renal and we have competencies at work due by the end of the month and a portfolio and an inservice.  So I need another plan to get all of that done!
  3. We have done well at this and kept to our budget fairly well. The biggest issues are that I am so stressed I keep eating and not losing baby weight and the baby won’t take a bottle when I’m not home. He went 14 hours the other night without eating. Silly baby. I do really love that he wants his Mama so much…I just wish he’d eat for Daddy.
  4. Failing. I revisited notes and videos and did lots of writing, but it is not blog worthy yet. However, I did recently start to precept a few nurses who are new to our unit and I did get to do quite a bit of teaching about the respiratory and cardiac stuff that we see frequently. Very good review for the test.

So..what to do? Reschedule? Get more study material?  Maybe I should have used this AACN PCCN Review book. But I have to say that I do really, really enjoy Cammy House-Fancher and the MedEd material. Cammy cracked me up and I love how she taught the material. If you are thinking about studying for or are going to take the PCCN I highly recommend checking out the MedEd tutorials.

If I decided not to reschedule my husband told me I should hedge my bet. Where did he get that idea? We both really like NPR and I especially like Planet Money so I usually listen to the program while I’m getting ready for or driving to work. He listened to one called Tweak the World where the last story was about doing or getting something you really want if you fail at your task. For example, in the story a group of interviewees pooled together money and whoever didn’t get the job, got the money. But if I did that, what is something I really want? A pedicure. If I didn’t reschedule and I failed the test I would go the next day and get a pedicure.

Well…today is September 8. What did I decide to do? Let’s just say I’m NOT getting a pedicure tomorrow nor did I reschedule! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Should I reschedule?

  1. I bet you aced it! You, my dear, are one smart cookie. Your real life nursing experience gives you more knowledge than you will ever realize.

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