EKG Project

The EKG project

Nursing skills build on what you learn in nursing school, life experience, and your previous employment experience. For me, my previous job as a unit secretary and cardiac telemetry tech gave me a few skills that can benefit my unit. I worked alongside and tried to learn as much as I possibly could from the more experienced techs. One in particular had passed the electrophysiology exam that cardiologists take so I loved to have him teach me about rhythms. However, I think I only absorbed about 25% of what he taught me…there’s so much to learn and understand about the heart and how the electrical impulses translate to a rhythm strip.

Even though I’m no expert, I want to learn and teach what I can to my coworkers to foster our ability as nurses to recognize unique rhythms in our patients. By helping my unit recognize rhythms, understand proper medications and treatments, and causes of dysrhythmias I will also help the nurses pass the PCCN. This project will give me practice teaching and creating interesting tools to help others.

To start off, I will need to know what my audience knows so I can measure the success of my method.  I will survey the nurses to get a gauge for where to start. After that I plan to spend about two to three weeks each on (1) atrial rhythms, (2), junctional rhythms and blocks, (3), ventricular rhythms, (4) medications and treatments, (5) policy guidelines, (6) rare rhythms and any subject that still needs coverage, and (7) follow up and final testing for success rate.  I will try to have info on my blog and hands on material on the unit for practice.

What is most confusing about heart rhythms?

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