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The Halloween Heebee-Geebees

Hoshino Ai

With less than a week before Halloween, now is my favorite time to look for some traditional Halloween tales. Scary stories freak me out and I avoid creepy movies and stories at all costs at other times of the year. But for some reason during the month of October I let my guard down (every so slightly) and creep myself out. I have to muster up my bravery all year to be just a little scared for like a week this month. Do you do that too? And because I’m such a wimp when it comes to scary stuff I can only listen to or watch  or read certain (not-very-scary) things. Usually I’m not too scared reading about hospital hauntings because when I’m at work there are lots of people around and I feel safe…as long as I avoid the morgue. Good plan, right? Well, if you like a scary (but not too scary) story, check out some of my favorite Halloween movies, podcasts and blog posts.


The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

The creepy music, the great wide eyes of Don Knotts, this is a great movie for those who only want a movie that’s a little scary (Plus the organ was really scary and there was this mechanical piano in a McDonald’s we visited that reminded me of this movie…who can forget that?).

Young Frankenstein

Who doesn’t love this classic? I watched this for the first time as a young-ish kid and really thought it was sooo scary. Then when I was old enough to realize it was a comedy I loved it even more!

Sleepy Hollow

Last year my husband convinced me that I would actually like this movie. I mean as a nurse and with my background teaching anatomy some of themes really appeal my my psyche, right? Sure enough, he was right and I did like this movie! It’s pretty creepy but resolves well at the end which is really what I like of scary movies…when the mystery is explained and it’s not so scary anymore.


The Ghost of Rue Jacob courtesy of The Moth Radio Hour

This was the first fantastic Moth podcast I ever heard. If you haven’t listened to the wonderful stories on the Moth, this is a great place to start!

In the Spirit of Halloween courtesy of The Moth Radio Hour

For three stories full of creepy circumstances.

Blog Posts

Nurse Buff has a great list of 9 Scary Hospital Stories to keep you checking around the corner and avoiding bathroom mirrors for a while.

paul morris

Although there are some repeats,  here is a list of 10 Creepy Nursing Ghost Stories to keep you entertained and share with your friends.


Great (not-so-scary) books for the kiddos

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

This book fits the bill for a great kids’ halloween book. It has great rhymes and it’s not too long which keep my two-year-old engaged and I’m sure my five-year-old will be reading it easily soon.

It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse

This book has one scary little surprise so it’s great for young readers and it’s short for those with a short attention span.

I hope you enjoy these fun little Halloween tales. Comment below with your creepy Halloween favorites!


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