Three reasons Beautycounter will change your life

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Hello! Today (and tomorrow)(edit: today, September 19 will be the last day of the social but you can order as part of the social for a few more days to place orders) I have an exciting event happening. I’m hosting a Beautycounter social! You can check it out here or order directly from my friend Brooke here.

But do you actually need more cosmetics?

So let me tell you…when my husband and I first got married, he flat out flipped his lid at the amount of product I used in my hair, on my face and on my skin. He used like toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo/soap (you know the two-in-one kind because who needs more than that). And over the years we’ve compromised on what I actually need versus what I want. So when I recently started taking a closer look at the few personal care products we do use for us and our kids I kind of freaked out.

Introducing Beautycounter!

This company has recently inspired me to make some changes and I hope it can help you do some of the same.

Here is how:

Beautycounter tells you exactly what is in your make-up.

One of Beautycounter’s pillars is that you know what is in your product and that it is safe. Did you know that there is very, very little regulation of the cosmetic industry?  Currently regulation of cosmetic ingredients is left up to the individual companies but that doesn’t mean everyone uses safe ingredients. Beautycounter has taken the time to thoroughly screen their ingredients for safety and pass that info along to you. For example, when you are looking to purchase a product you can see all the ingredients right on the page and see why it is in the product. Through their website I learned about the Environmental Working Group which is a non-profit working to give consumers key information about the safety of the products we use and the environment we live in. Let me show you how  this works.

First you need to download an app. It’s EWG’s Healthy Living app. Or if you don’t want to download an app, check out the website here and search for your products.

Next, please take a moment to go grab your make-up bag. I’ll wait…

Ok. Now scan the barcode on your product (or type it in and search for it) and what do you get? I did my Covergirl Clean foundation which came back as a 4…not too bad, right? Well, that is until you scroll through the ingredients. The grossest one in my make-up? Propylparaben which is unfortunately a preservative linked to breast cancer. Great. (I completely stopped wearing my make-up after doing this and changed my shampoo and soap).

And if you want to check whether your products are tested on animals, download the Cruelty-Cutter app and start scanning. You’ll be amazed.

B Corporations are the bomb.

Do you know what a certified B corporation is? I didn’t. Basically, these are businesses that are committed to using their people and products as a source of change for the betterment of society (Ben & Jerry’s, for example!). B corps require companies to be focused on people over profit and I love this. The level of transparency these companies must prove gives consumers peace of mind to know that what they are investing their money in actually benefits others.  Beautycounter is using their voice and business to impact society in a positive way. If you want to know more about B corporations check out this website.

Two words: Social Impact

Quality, safety, and performance are just a few key elements to Beautycounter’s product plan. But the big mission: “To get safer products into the hands of everyone” is important for all of us. When you become a part of the Beautycounter mission, you become a part of the change. As of September 12 this company teamed up with a number of other cosmetic companies with similar missions in order to create a larger impact where it counts: legislation. You can read more about the Counteract Coalition here.

I’m so excited about this company and it’s plan to change the beauty industry for the better. By supporting stricter regulation for cosmetics they will impact all levels of society, not just those who can afford to buy better products. This is why I am so excited to show my support by hosting a social on Facebook (just this weekend September 16-17)(edit: today, September 19 will be the last day of the social but you can order as part of the social for a few more days to place orders). If you can’t make it to the social you can order directly from my friend Brooke.

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