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Two Year Blog-A-Versary

Dustin Lee

I have not forgotten my blog! I know it’s been a minute since I last wrote a post but there’s good reason for that. I think my last post was actually about the baby’s birth (thanks, Baby + Co.!) and then I started writing stuff that has yet to be published.

I have to say this maternity leave was unlike any other (I’m working on some pieces that explain why and they are coming soon). Going from two kids to three overwhelmed me and I actually experienced baby blues after this birth which was new for me. Henry was such a saint and I felt truly pampered. But besides all of that, we were busy. With each kid you get less and less time to bond with baby and you have to keep going and adventuring with your spouse and older kids.

So we did. We went to the Columbia Zoo (which is awesome BTW). We went camping (with an 8 week old) as a family for the first time ever. We spent a week outside trying to get control of our yard. And then I decided to remove wall paper in the bathroom.

I looked up all these different ways to remove wall paper and still damaged the walls. Ooops. But then we found mold above the shower. Great. We’ll do a little drywall repair, paint and commit to the full remodel later. Then we had a bit of a heated discussion, Henry bought The Magnolia Story, found his inner Chip Gaines and soon after a sledge hammer went through the wall. We realized we didn’t like that bathroom anyway.

My talented father (independent contractor) and fun-loving mother (school cook, baker and summer nanny for us) came out to help us get this project off the ground because both Henry and I were going back to work soon. That’s right. Henry went back to work. I won’t give away the details yet, but more will come about that. My dad worked SO hard on the bathroom in the ten days he was here since we essentially had to start from scratch. Thankfully he handled the two things we were most afraid of doing ourselves: Plumbing and electric. Lowe’s and Home Depot are our new favorite hang-out spots. We have very slowly been working on the drywall and paint and floor every since he left. We’re getting closer and closer to finishing, but not there yet.

So the real question is how are we doing this bathroom remodel with a new baby, toddler and preschooler and only one bathroom for two adults (three for a time – Nana stayed for about a month) and three kids? Slowly. We are learning to be ok with some mess but continuing to work on everything to reach our goal.

I feel like last year we saw how we can really work toward and accomplish our goals when we put effort in  and when we take the time to do the things that rejuvenate us. We have had people over and exercised and tried new things and just have kind of been doing. I know that sounds weird, but I definitely have tried take my own tagline (living and caring intentionally) serious and have tried to live it. It’s not easy and some things fall through the cracks (ugh…grocery shopping) but each day I can start over with my intentions and succeed even in small ways.

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately?

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